Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bug Small World

I decided to do a bug small world because Josiah loves them. He is a boy after all. haha So on our walk to get the mail (we always take the long scenic route back) we picked up some colorful leaves and a few twigs. Once home we picked some grass and shoveled up a little bit of dirt and voila! A world for our little bugs.  

He was so excited and dove right in.

Kaylee looks like a queen in the background. :-D

Uh-oh it's the scorpion! I love how real the bugs look! 

He had a blast and I just kept it in the house for him to play in for a couple days. He didn't want me to throw it away. :-D But it's easy enough to make another one. :-)

I've been looking for small farm animals to do a farm small world. But all I can find is cowboys and Indians... Sounds fun, doesn't it?!

I hope these small worlds inspires you to make one for your little ones!

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