Thursday, September 19, 2013

Colored Rice Sensory Play

A couple of months ago I finally colored some rice! I was so excited. haha So when Josiah was asleep for the night I set it all up in his water table. I decided to add in colored pom poms and hide little trains under everything. Then I added letters and numbers around the sides. It turned out nicer than I thought it would! So cheerful and bright :-)

He was so excited to wake up to this! He played with it all morning, and we went over every letter of the alphabet - the sounds they make and a word from each letter. Phonics is great for speech practice. Any different ways to practice words and sounds is always good for my little guy! He tried to say every letter. That made my day!

During play, I was able to go over colors and numbers, too. I know he is soaking it all up. :-)

Digging out the trains.

Getting his trains all set up.

I layed a few eggs around, too. Just for fun. ;-)

I put an M&M in each one. :-D

More trains!

Looking for more hidden things.

My cutie. :-)

Found a good track for the trains!

My son absolutely loved this sensory activity. When he saw the pics on here he said, "Again? Again?" haha 
Guess what we are doing after his nap today.... ;-)

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