Monday, May 20, 2013

Results of the Scavenger Hunt

I won a book from one of the giveaways during the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!!! I am so excited! She is a new author to me so I am super excited to read it! It's a Regency romance, and I love that genre. :-) I didn't expect to win anything from the hunt. I am thrilled! A free book! lol

So the book I am getting is A Lady of Quality by Louise M. Gouge. Because of the hunt, I have a list of books to read this summer. I already have some on hold at my library, but I had to buy one... I couldn't wait. haha I love discovering new authors! I can't wait to share all the books I will be reading this summer with you guys so get ready for some reviews!  If  you want my book list let me know, and I'll post it. :-)

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