Friday, May 17, 2013

Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt

Wow, I had a fun day participating in a scavenger hunt!! The author, Lisa T. Bergren is hosting it today through Sunday so go check it out. Plus, almost all the authors in the hunt have their own giveaways of their books! Awesome or what?! Maybe.. just maybe I can at least win some new books.... Right?! lol Here's hoping!!! This is Lisa Bergren's website so you can check it out. :-)

This made for a great start to the weekend!! Regardless of whether or not I will win anything from the hunt, I discovered some fascinating new authors! I have a whole list of them to check at the library. :-D I'm thinking a trip is in my future. haha

I will try to post a book review soon. Some rough health lately, but I'm optimistic of it getting better soon. :-)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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