Friday, May 24, 2013

Different Play Dough Ideas

Josiah absolutely LOVES play dough. He will play with it for an hour! Incredible, I know. ;-) We play all kinds of things, and I love to make him things with it, too. One of his all time favorites is a bird sitting on her eggs. :-D Of course, he loves dinosaurs, cars, trucks, and airplanes. Now he is making things himself. He can roll balls and logs! So excited! 

I decided to make it different because there is only so many things you can do with cars and dinosaurs. :-D I gave him some beads and pipe cleaners, and he had a blast! Then we had the joys of taking it out, too. lol It's great for fine motor skills.

Ta-da! As Josiah likes to say. ;-) It's our play dough monster. :-D

This time I set up the play dough and gave him some frogs and water animals and let him imagine whatever he wanted.


He took all the water animals out and brought in some dinosaurs. ROAR! (Wow, can you tell I'm always with a two year old ???  haha :-D)

Footprints! We spent awhile making all kinds of different tracks.

LOL Look at Mickey saying, "Hey, everybody!" :-D

He's doing his own thing with this one. Just rolling some logs and making some kind of creature. He also likes to make caterpillars and bake things. The play dough container is the oven, and the door is the lid. ;-) We make all kinds of things! Cookies, biscuits, pies, hamburgers, pizza, meatballs, crescent rolls...... And we have a pretend timer, too so we don't burn anything. Hehe

There it is. :-)
Silly boy. He hid his hand in the play dough and could hardly contain himself.

So stinkin' cute!!!


So there you have it. Some of our play dough adventures. :-D

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