Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Painting A Wooden Truck

A few weeks ago Josiah picked out a wooden truck at the craft store. He's been playing with it, but I decided he needed to go ahead and paint it. haha He was all for it and eagerly ran to his little table. I put the paint in an egg carton, set some paper under the truck, handed him the truck, and we were all set! Except for a painting smock.... LOL He didn't get much on his shirt, and it did wash out. But I am planning on buying or making him one for next time!

I was surprised at how he loved painting it even though I shouldn't be. He does see me paint. :-D It looks pretty cool, and now that it's dried he can enjoy playing with it!


Trying to clean his finger. He was going to wipe it on his shirt, but he switched tactics. Smart boy. haha

Love this one. :-)


I like how both sides are different. :-)


He was done with the truck but not with painting. He painted two sheets of paper and called it a day.

I love how he is using the brush. He was fascinated with what he could with it.

That was our painting adventure for the day. Then we moved to coloring and chalk. lol It was just an art day for some reason. Fine with me! I draw way too many Mickey Mouse's on his chalk board. I can draw him in my sleep, I'm sure. :-D

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