Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Book Review: The Happy Mommy Handbook

The Happy Mommy Handbook by Katie Norris and Susan Case is a really good book about how your toddlers and preschoolers need activities to challenge and entertain them. Plus, if you give them things to play/learn, they will in turn be able to play by themselves and free you up to do whatever chores around the house you need to do. I absolutely loved this book! It was how I already feel so it was validation from experts. haha But seriously, it had some great things in there.

There is a section for play and different activities you can do with your child/children like homemade play dough, fossil cakes, and playing with sensory boxes. They encourage you to make learning fun because playing is how young children do learn. :-)

The book also lists some things you should teach your child before kindergarten. I like having checklists like that as long as you don't freak out about them. haha If your kid doesn't do everything on their list, that's what school is for after all!

Most of the stuff in the book I already knew because I search the web all the time for activities and how to teach a toddler, but I still enjoyed this book.

I can't wait to try out the fossil cakes with my son. He's going to love it!

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