Monday, April 29, 2013

Jello Sensory Play

A couple weeks ago I made a new sensory box for Josiah. Jello! I got the idea online. If you google it, you will see lots of ideas. It's pretty popular. :-)

This is how I did it. I used two packets of unflavored gelatin and added a cotton candy frosting packet. I got that idea here:

After Josiah and I put the animals in and I set it in the fridge, I realized that it wasn't deep enough so I made another layer. I did green this time and just poured it over. My mistake turned out really cool! I'm going to do it that way again. :-) I set a bowl beside him to dump the animals he found into and another one with just water so they could swim. haha He loved that and just kept dumping with the different bowls. Well, he scooped from the glass bowl. ;-) Not about to let him pick that up!!

So you want me to play with this?!

Well, ok....

Doesn't taste to good. lol

Dumping is the best part, Mom!

Squishy fun

Now what?

Still doesn't taste good...

Looks cool, doesn't it?

Favorite pic of him. :-)

He had a blast! He played for about 30 minutes, and then he helped the CNA and I clean up. Such a good little helper. :-)

I love doing activities with him! Plus, it's a good way to help him with his speech. ;-)

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