Saturday, April 27, 2013

Book Review: Mona Hodgson

Bending Toward the Sun by Mona Hodgson is the second book in the "The Quilted Heart" series. The stories are the length of  a novella so if you are really busy you can still get your reading fix. :-)

Emilie Heinrich is happy with her full, busy life. She takes care of her father and the house, goes to college, and helps out at their store. She doesn't need or want a special someone in her life. That is until she meets Quaid McFarland. Emilie knew Quaid when they were children, but she hasn't seen him for four years. 

Quaid McFarland is finally home from the war and is ready to start his life up again. He works for his father's freighting business, and on a delivery for Rutherford Wainwright he sees Emilie. He's stunned by how different she looks. She's a beautiful woman now, and he is immediately attracted to her. Quaid arranges with his family to deliver the freight to the Heinrich's store and to the college on the days Emilie will be there so he can get to know her better.

Emilie is thrilled to see Quaid on his deliveries, but her father doesn't seem to like him. Will they ever be able to be together? Emilie decides to honor her father even if it means she will never marry Quaid.

This was a really great story about honoring your parents and waiting on God to provide a solution no matter what it is. I love how Emilie and Quaid didn't just jump into a relationship against her father's wishes. They prayed and obeyed God and got rewarded for their obedience later. A wonderful story especially for teens and young adults. :-)

I was given this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publisher's in exchange for an honest review.

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