Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Disagreeable Power Chair

I have had a rough last couple of months that's for sure, and it just keeps coming. lol Well, it does... Now it's my power chair. Again. I have had nothing but trouble with this thing, and it's only a year old. When I got my battery changed out, my chair wouldn't even turn on! Some fuse had blown. But the technician managed to get it running and ordered the part I needed through my warranty. Well on Monday when I was truning my chair toward the left, it just kept going! I was like what in the world. I got it to cooperate, but then it happened again. A little later my chair beeped and stopped. It said motor 1 was disconnected. Seriously?! I could still drive it, but reaaalllllyyy slowly. Too slowly! So I have been using my old power chair. It's very rickety, but it's working at least. :-)

Well, they came to look at my chair yesterday, and the guy said it needed a new control panel. He thought that was what was already ordered, but it wasn't. He placed a order for one under warranty. He said it should be in by Monday, but last time it was supposed to be only 3 days, too and it took 2 weeks. Argh. I just want my chair fixed. And running. Without a hiccup. For a long time. Sigh.

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