Thursday, March 07, 2013

Learning Time

I wanted to upload some pics of the things Josiah and I have been doing. We've been doing cloud dough and the rice sensory boxes a lot lately since it's been cold.

He decided to get all the way in this time. :-D

And to wash his hair with it, too. ;-)

He loves this activity!!! You can get the foam at the Dollar store so it's perfect. Good motor skills practice. 

I love how he's like can I put it the side, too?? :-D

What about the hammer? 

Hmm everything else I tried work so what about my fingers? 

This one is from my phone so it's not as clear, but I like that he's looking at the camera. :-)

I found this idea on facebook. It's finger paint made out of baby shampoo!! He loved it! I just let him play with it before his bath. ;-)

This is when it was all spilled out. Of course, this was Josiah's favorite part. I have to admit, I loved helping him. It just looks so pretty!

 Josiah put all his baby dinosaurs on his big ones. :-D I about died when I saw it!! Too funny.

I know this isn't as clear, but their are baby dinosaurs on the two by the chair legs. 

 I bought him a toddler kit of Lauri toys so I've been using those to teach him colors and shapes and even numbers. But it's more just talking about numbers to get him familiar. I'm sure he'll catch on quick with that, though. I'll have to post pics of him playing with those, too. They really are fun learning toys. I use his normal things to teach him colors and stuff, too but it is nice to have some things that are specifically for learning.

He loves our new table! I do, too. ;-)

I'll be posting a book review sometime soon, I'm sure. lol 


Robert Page said...

I miss this little guy, ready for us all to get together again! -wes

Robert Page said...

I miss this little guy, ready for us all to get together again! -wes

Grandma Page said...

Thanks Maria for sharing these pictures. He has grown so much and
is so cute. I never had patience to
do all you do. You are such a good mom.