Saturday, March 02, 2013

Contemporary Fiction Review

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury is a good read. I liked how it revolved around a bookstore. Yes, I may have a Kindle now, but nothing compares to holding a book in your own hands. And the smell of old books is one of my favorite things! :-)

Molly Allen runs the Allen Foundation in Portland, but her life is missing someone. The love of her life, Ryan Kelly. They went their seperate ways seven years ago, and nothing has been the same for Molly ever since. Every year she watches a video and reminisces about all the time they spent at The Bridge studying and reading books together.

Ryan Kelly is a guitarist in a country music band. He never forgot those two years they hung out together at the bookstore, and still had the book she gave him before she left. Even after all these years, he has wondered why she decided to leave him.

Charlie and Donna Barton lost everything in The Bridge from the flood eighteen months ago. Everything except for the scrapbook of notes from customers who were really helped from the bookstore. Charlie tried to keep the store going, but when every option failed he is devastated. Why did God let this happen? Was he really a failure?

When Charlie gets in a serious accident Ryan rallies his customers to help him out. Imagine his surprise when he sees Molly again after all these years. Will they finally get their questions answered? Is there any hope for them?

I liked this book. It was an easy read so it's a perfect beach book.

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