Friday, February 15, 2013

Three Picture Book Reviews

Things have been really busy the last few days, and the one book I just finished Love in Three Quarter Time was just so boring I didn't want to waste your time with a review. lol Plus, it was just irritating!!!

There have been a couple new picture books I got really cheap for my Kindle that Josiah loves. Hiccupotamus by Aaron Lenz is just ridiculous. :-D It's about a hippo who can't stop hiccuping! Lots of silly things happen because his hiccups keep making things go wrong. I think Josiah loves it because each stanza all rhymes the same. By made up words. It's pretty fun to read! Plus, Josiah likes to pretend hiccup so it works. ;-) His favorite character is the elephant. He always wants to stay on that page for awhile at first.

Silly Tilly by Eileen Spinelli rhymes the same with each stanza, too. This one is well, silly. haha It's about a goose who is always doing crazy things, but the rest of the barnyard doesn't like it. Josiah loves all the things going on in the pictures.

Cool Dog, School Dog is unique in how it rhymes. Instead of it being the last word that rhymes, it's the second to the last word. Actually, the last word in each sentence stays the same throughout the whole story! Josiah just plain loves dogs!!! And the dog in this story is a Golden retriever like our family dog so it's perfect. :-)

Oh, and Josiah is two, but I'm pretty sure he would have loved these a few months ago, too.

All three are really well written and fun!


Megan Watt said...

Sad that these are not available for my Nook, but I can get the Kindle app for my phone or computer and download. Sounds fun!

Maria said...

Good idea! Plus, if you have it on your phone, and you have to wait somewhere then your kids can have something fun to do. :-)