Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Perfect Painting Day

Yesterday I set my little guy up with some tempura paint and some opened up cardboard boxes. I didn't have any big pieces of paper, but I have lots of boxes! So I decided to flatten them out and have that be his "canvas". He likes to use foam brushes. :-)

I love how he immediately knew what to do. :-)

Then we gave his cars, a couple of airplanes, and one lone dinosaur a bath in a "car wash". I found the idea online, of course! :-D He had a blast! I filled some squeezy bottles with some warm water for him, too. That made his day. But then....he spilled all the water out of the bucket when he was done playing! I was like nooooooo!!! lol I had run in the kitchen for a second to get something and heard the ominous sound of water. Of course, he dumped it beyond the two towels I had laid down. haha  I'm going to do it again for him, though. I'll just make sure I have everything right by me. ;-)

Hope you all are having a great weekend! :-)

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