Monday, February 04, 2013

Mennonite Book Review

Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl is the second book in "The Road to Kingdom" series. (The series is about Mennonites.) I thought this story was much better than the first! I loved all the dilemmas in the story. She put in some religious dilemmas along with suspense. Of course, there is a love story in there, too. I was annoyed with the love story because it seemed so similar from her last book. I would have preferred something more straightforward and normal, but it was still a good book.

Hope Kauffman and Ebbie Miller have been friends for a long time so when the two families thought it would be a good idea for them to be married, Hope and Ebbie got engaged. But Ebbie decides to break their engagement because he doesn't want to be Hope's second choice of a husband. Hope is conflicted. She hated to see Ebbie hurt, but she was having feels for Jonathan Wiese. Even though she wants to be with Jonathan she can't seem to help comparing him to Ebbie Miller.

When one of Kingdom's own is killed by some of the young people who have been burning the local churches, the citizens of Kingdom are heartbroken. They are divided about how to handle the rash of violence against Christians. Hope doesn't know what to think anymore.  Whereas Jonathan feels they should patrol the borders of their small town, Ebbie believes they should trust God to protect them. Hope sees both points, but she can't seem to figure out what is the right answer.

Overall I thought it was a good story. :-)

I was given this book free as long as I review it.

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