Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Historical Fiction Review

Sisters of Mercy Flats by Lori Copeland is an awesome book!!!!! It was so funny! I loved the plot and the characters.  I got this book early from Net Galley so I could review it, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be a three part series.

The McDougal sisters were con artists who always dressed as nuns so it was no surprise that they ended up in a jail wagon. But while they were in the wagon some young Comanches decided to chase them down for the horses. They got the horses, but in the process the wagon went over a cliff. Three men who were watching decided they needed to go rescue the three nuns. When they heard the Indians coming back, they decided to split up with each man taking one woman on his horse.

Abigail was rescued by Hershall Digman. He was a shoe salesman dressed like a dandy. She was disgusted by her rescuer since he was obviously a sissy. She didn't think it would take much to convince him to take her to Church Rock Cemetary in Mercy Flats - the meeting place whenever the sisters got seperated. Hershall wouldn't agree to take her until he had gone to Shreveport. But Abigail is determined to leave for Chrurch Rock so she steals his horse and goes to the nearest town to ride the stagecoach.

Hershall is furious and doesn't bother to hide it when he finds her in the town. Abigail discovers that there is much more to Hershall Digman than meets the eye. They make a deal. Once Hershall finishes his business in Shreveport, he will escort Abigail back home. Along the way a friendship begins to grow and love starts to bloom.

I highly recommend this book!!! What a great read. I don't know how long I have to wait for the sequel....

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