Saturday, February 09, 2013

A Funny Free Novella

I'll hopefully be putting a review up tonight, but I wanted to tell you about a novella you can get for free on the Nook or Kindle. It's by Jen Turano, and it's called  Gentleman of Her Dreams. It is hysterical!!! I was laughing so much with this little story. :-D It's a prequel to her first book, A Change of Fortune. She was very smart to do it this way because now I am DYING to read the book. They are both about different main characters, but I'm assuming the characters from the novella will be in the book. So just an FYI for all you book lovers out there.

As soon as I finished the novella I got on my library's website to see if they had it. They had two copies! But they were already out. :-(  So now I'm debating whether or not to buy it! I do have a gift card..... I think I should buy it so I don't have to wait! lol :-D I'm one of those unusual women who would actually prefer a book to jewelry or flowers. I know. I'm strange. ;-)

I'll be posting a review for Submerged as soon as I finish it.

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