Thursday, January 03, 2013

Toys Everywhere!

I never noticed or thought much about where toys go until I had a child. A cute, little boy. A very energetic boy. Who loves to throw toys.  And make a mess. BUT I have to say he is getting much better about it. He will help me clean up, and when we play together he knows the drill. We play, clean up, and get out a new toy to play and then clean up. lol But still there are always random toys here and there on the floor from whenever he is playing. And since I'm in a power chair, you can imagine the frustration of constantly running over toys or having to move them out of the way. I think I destroy more toys than my son. LOL Well, I do.... All that to say, my son is awesome! He knows it's hard for me to move the toys so he will move them for me! And I don't always have to ask. It is the sweetest thing. Makes me not want to run over his toys for sure now!!! :-D Ahhh the joys of motherhood.....

The other side of the toy problem is storage. Sigh. I so need to get some. Especially since he just had a birthday and Christmas. I think I've decided on a 9 cube shelf so that I can use clear plastic containers to store his stuff in and keep other toys up high. Maybe it will help.... We shall see. By this weekend, I hope!!! I'll try to take a pic and let you know if I think it will work. A review on a shelf. hahaha 

I still haven't painted his pictures. :-(  I'm still not feeling well from the flu or cold or whatever it is I've had the past week. I know it will happen eventually. I just have to let myself heal up enough. I never seem to have the time or energy to paint. But it's worth it to play with my bubba! :-)

Off to read a book!

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