Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Amish Book Review (Kelly Long book)

I loved all threee stories in A Marriage of the Heart by Kelly Long! They were so funny! They are all novellas from different books, but since I had never read those it worked out well for me. ;-)

"A Perfect Secret" is about best friends Rose Bender and Luke Lantz. Luke has proposed to Rose, and she accepts but she is not too happy about it. Luke is just too.... serene. Even though they are engaged, he still doesn't seem to want to kiss her much. Rose is tired of the sameness and aches for something more exciting in her life. That night Rose hears about a Robin Hood in their midst, and she determines to set a trap by making some pies. Sure enough Rob in the Hood shows up. She just misses him so she runs into the woods to find him, but what she finds is more confusing and exciting than what she was looking for.

"Christmas Cradles" is about Anna Stolis, a midwife. She is taking over for her aunt for a day and night on Second Christmas. Her aunt gives her the notes about the three possible births and goes on her little trip. Asa Mast's father is sick with the flu so he has to take over his dad's responsibility of driving the midwife around. He arrives and sleeps in the barn where the phone is. Sure enough they get a call and rush out in the swirling snow and cold to help the first time mother. As the night progresses, and they rush to help deliver babies Anna finds Asa to be the man she always dreamed of marrying. But will his secret past crush her dream before it even has a chance to blossom?

"A Marriage of the Heart" is about Abigail Kauffman, an insecure young woman who grew up without a mother to help and teach her to do everything like all the other Amish girls. All she thinks she has going for her is her beauty so when Joseph Lambert doens't seem to notice or care about her looks she decides to pay him back by saying he kissed and touched her. Her father is furious and says they have to get married. Tonight. So they do. Abigail was excited thinking she would finally be able to leave her father's house, but then Joseph ruins it all by saying they would live with Mr. Kauffman. How will these two ever find common ground? Will they ever be a happily married couple like they pretend to everybody else?

I found these stories to be very funny, and I loved how real the characters were! These stories have made Kelly Long one of my go to authors. I just ordered a book of hers, actually.... lol ;-)

I was given this book free as long as I review it.

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