Saturday, January 05, 2013

Swagbucks and Organizing

Well, I got the shelf for the toys today!!! I decided on something different after I researched toy storage online. I got 2 three shelf bookcases and am going to get some containers at Dollar Tree if I need them. I am so excited!!! I'm ready to get things organized! After I get the toys taken care of, I want to redo my art room and put away all the fragile things so my son can go in there to play. Since I am potty training him right now (and he is doing AWESOME!) I can take the crib out that I was using as a changing table. In case you were wondering, the front of the crib was off. ;-) Then it will be a good play area while I paint!

I saw another idea for Josiah's airplane room. It says, "Fly Away with Me" with 3 airplanes. So cute. I'm debating if I'm going to have room for one more picture. :-D

Oh, I wanted to mention Swagbucks on here. I love it! And it's not a scam. Google it, and you'll see. That's what I did just to make sure. lol You get rewards for searching through swagbucks, and then you turn them in for free stuff! I started four months ago, and I always get the $5 amazon gift card because it's the best value. I was able to get some gifts for Christmas for free!! Can't beat that! I'm hoping to buy most of the gifts with the gift cards this year since I'm starting from the beginning of the year. ;-) If you decide to check it out, please click on the link on my page so I can get more swagbucks. Thanks!

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