Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Play Date and Library

I haven't been feeling too well so I didn't post anything yesterday. Today has been super busy already! This morning we went to the library to get some books for both of us and a few kid movies for Josiah. Then we went to a play group which was super fun! A lot of moms and kids. Josiah had a blast! He wasn't shy at all this time, and it was only the second time we have gone to it. It was nice to talk to other moms, too. :-) The only thing is - it's over run with girls!!! I'm like where's the boys?! lol Seriously, an 11 month old and a 4 month old were the only other boys. I can't even remember how many girls! Maybe 10 or 12. Crazy..... Maybe I can find/befriend someone who has a boy around Josiah's age. There used to be one girl who had a boy only six months older than Josiah, but since we are military she moved a few months ago. Sigh.

So I plan on reading a book and taking a nap while Josiah does. We got up too early this morning, and I'm exhausted. And feeling yuck. Good thing I went to the library today! ;-) I'll try to post a review on a book I finished the other day.

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