Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fantasy Fiction review

A Hero's Throne by Ross Lawhead is the second book in the Ancient Earth Trilogy. I really enjoyed the first book, but this one was slow until I got to the middle. Then it picked up and got interesting so that by the end of the book I wanted the final book to already be out! There were a couple things I wished he left out, but it was still a pretty good book.

Daniel and Freya are going back to rescue Nidergeard. Daniel is thrilled to be back in the fight, but Freya is more cautious. She doesn't want to do this, but what other choice does she have? Will she never be free of that time eight years ago? Alex's aunt, Vivian, goes with Daniel and Freya because she knows several languages and has experience with the underground world. Their mission is to not only find the Carnyx and blow it so they can bring the knights to rescue Nidergeard but also to find out what really happened to Nidergeard. Why did it fall? Why couldn't Ealdstan save it? 

Ecgbryt and Alex are going to try to find the sleeping knights before they are killed by Gad's forces and then see if they can still be woken up. 

I'm irritated about how some of the characters were written and where the story seems to be going, but I am still excited to see how he will end this series. One of the main reasons why I like these books is because it's a different type of fantasy story.

I was given this book free as long as I review it.

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