Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cloud Dough

I made some cloud dough for Josiah this morning! He helped me dump the flour in, and I mixed it up. It's kinda like pie dough. It feels good! It's just flour and oil, by the way. It does make a mess especially if you have a two year old boy! lol ;-) But I have a dog.... Who apparently loves flour and oil??!! I'm afraid she will be sick, but it sure was nice to not have tons of clean up! I wasn't sure how I was going to clean it up, actually. Kaylee rescued my day. :-D

I still can't find my camera. What in the world did I do with it??? Ah, well. My phone pics are okay.

He loved filling the cups and dumping it like you would for a sand castle. And then he punched it down or cut it up.

Kaylee, my cleaner. She looks a little guilty for eating such yummy flour. :-D

I'm not sure what else we will come up with to do today, but I'm hoping for the rice sensory box. We may just play with pom poms or play dough. We shall see. Oh! I got some big stamps for Josiah yesterday. That's what we should do. Fun fun. :-)

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