Friday, January 11, 2013

Sensory Box

Yesterday I saw a couple of blogs who suggested using dry beans in a sensory box. I actually had some so I poured it into a red container, got a couple of Josiah's dinosaurs, some bowls and measuring cups, and let Josiah have at it. He played for more than 30 minutes!!! I think that qualifies as a winner for sure! Of course, I stayed right there to make sure he didn't try to eat any. He just played so it worked out great. Here's some pics of him having fun. :-) All intent.... (Sorry the quality isn't that great. I couldn't find my camera so I used my phone, and my phone doesn't do as well with dim lighting. :-)

Today I gave him some pom poms to put in an empty Gatorade bottle. After he put them all inn, he dumped the pom poms in a plastic container and just ran his fingers through them. So I decided to, too, and it does feel good! lol Anyway, he put some marbles in the Gatorade bottle, too. I just watch him while he does it. Just in case. :-) 
Something the speech therapist wants Josiah to learn is how to blow. So I put some pom poms on his little table and blew them across. He just giggled and tried to catch them. I was starting to think he wouldn't try to do it himself, but then near the end he tried. He couldn't quite get it. But we'll keep practicing. The cool part about pom poms is it can teach colors, too! Hopefully, he'll catch on to that soon.

I want to make Cloud Dough tomorrow. I just need to buy some flour first! I'll try to find my camera so I can take pics of that, too. 

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