Monday, January 07, 2013

Organized Toys!

I organized all the toys yesterday!! And while I was at it I threw away some random things and got rid of the baby toys and some odds and ends like clothes. Well, they are for goodwill, but anyway it was nice to clean up! :-) But even though I did all that, I still have tons of toys!!! From the last 2 Christmas' and birthdays..... Sigh. Not sure which ones to get rid of now. BUT I did accomplish a lot, and I'll just keep watch on which toys he plays with all the time and keep those. But that's the thing - he does play with them all!! Ahhhh!!! The problem with me having too many siblings on both sides!!! LOL

Anyway, on the top of the bookshelves I have all his crayons, markers, chalk, outdoor chalk, paper, and coloring books. Then on the first shelf I put the toys that we play with together like his blocks and puzzles and of course, Mr Potatoe Head!! He loves him. :-D Then I just put his trucks, cars, and dinosaurs lower. The funny thing is most of his toys are gifts! Now I know why ppl tell me don't get a him a toy or you don't have to get him a toy. I'm going to be saying the same thing next year. Where will I put more?! I know I know I definitely have to get rid of some before next year. I am already eyeing some to put in the sale pile....

Here's the pic.

Nice and neat. And it's easy for him to help me clean up! I have it in the dining room until I fix the art room up which is cool because that's where we usually hang it out. Right by the living room and kitchen. I really like how easy it is for him. He loves it, too! He'll just sit right down and get his trucks out. All boy. :-) Love my little man!!!

So there it is. I got the shelves really cheap at Target last week. They're pretty sturdy, too. Maybe seeing this will inspire someone. Who knows...

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