Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Stuff....

Whew.... It's been a tough last few weeks. I haven't been feeling too well, and I've been busy potty training (which he pretty much has down pat now. :-), and then he got sick over the weekend with a high fever for a couple days. Poor bubba.... He was so sick but is much better now!!

But now my mom is coming to visit for a couple days!!! Yay! Just in time for an important doctor visit. Hopefully, they can figure out what is making me feel worse lately. :-) I went to the library this morning! I got a different type of book this time. It's a Mennonite mystery/thriller called Inescapable. Doesn't that sound interesting?!  I'll def let you know what I think. Plus, I picked up a new series by Gilbert Morris and a random Love Inspired book. So we shall see. I've been waiting for my library to get The Bridge. I've had it on hold for a couple weeks. Maybe soon!!! I read the prequel last night - made me even more intrigued! You can get it for free on Amazon! Cool, huh?

They have bubbles out at Target now! They have the best kind - you just squeeze and the wand comes up. So easy for little ones to do. :-) Of course, I got the Mickey Mouse one. Josiah LOVES the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Oh, Josiah is getting better with trying to imitate what I say. Still a lot of work needed, but I'm excited by every knew word/sound he makes!! One day he will catch up. And this will all be worth it. It's a lot of work and time, but anything for my little bubba!!

I'll be on soon with my newest book review. :-)

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