Thursday, January 31, 2013

Amish Suspense Book Review

Inescapable by Nacy Mehl is the first in "The Road to Kingdom" series. It's a Mennonite mystery which is so different and unusual for this type of genre. I loved that aspect of it, but it was a little slow in some places. Overall, a pretty good read, though.

Lizzie Engel left her hometown of Kingdom, Kansas five years ago with her daughter, Charity. She didn't want her super strict father or the town to judge Charity because she had her before she was married. She knew what she did was wrong, but she didn't ever want her daughter to feel like she was bad or a mistake. So Lizzie moved to Kansas City and eventually got a job at Harbor House. For the last few months she has been watched by a man in a red cap and had been receiving threatening notes so when the new manager accused her of stealing money and doctoring the books that was the last straw. Lizzie knew she had to leave before they pressed charges, and Charity was taken away. She decided to go back home to Kingdom since her hometown wasn't even on the map because it's so small.

Once home, Lizzie realizes that more people were compassionate and forgiving than she thought. Her father was still the same, and he wouldn't even let her stay in her childhood home. Her mom told her to go to Cora's restuarant for a place to stay. Cora hired her and let her live in the apartments above the cafe. Lizzie was settling in, getting closer to her mom, and finding her way back to God. But then she started getting the notes and seeing that man trailing her again. What should she do now?

I thought it was a pretty good mystery. I did figure out who but wasn't sure of the why. I loved how the author explained the why's very well! If you are looking for a different spin on a mystery/thriller, try this book out!

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