Saturday, January 26, 2013

Contemporary Fiction Review

A Wedding Date in Hot Springs, Arkansas by Annalisa Daughety is a great book!!! I loved it! The cool part is I could relate to Violet and Reagan. It was funny,sweet, and an easy read. Actually, it's perfect for a day at the beach. I'm thrilled to fine some good contemporary fiction again. :-)

Violet Matthews works at her family's law firm and is expecting to become partner. To her surprise her dad picked Landry, her sister Amber's fiance, over her! Reeling from shock, Violet isn't sure what to think. When her grandmother told her about a place to rent in Hot Springs, Violet decided to open a bake shop like she's always dreamed of doing.

Reagan McClure has been married for ten years and has four kids - five year old, Izzy; three year old, Ava Grace; and the 9 month old twins, Michael and Scarlett. Her husband has to travel a lot for work and has been getting home late. Reagan feels frumpy and wants to go back to being a graphic designer as long as she can work from home. She hasn't told her husband how she feels unattractive to him and that they never get time to talk. So she starts to do things without him knowing about it. How will Chad handle what she needs to tell him?

Jackson Stratford is getting tired of the young 20 somethings he is always dating so when he gets honored with an award, his best friends tell him he better find someone more mature for that function! So he goes to a dating service, and it connects him with Violet.

Violet and Jackson have a bad history together in their college years so they were shocked when they met for the blind date. Violet leaves, but Jackson finds her later and brings her a contract. Since the only reason they both went to the dating service was to get someone for a function (Violet's was for her sister's wedding), why not just go out with each other until after their obligations were over. Violet reluctantly agreed. But as she came to know more about Jackson she was pleasantly surprised. He wasn't the same man that she knew in college. Could real love come from this arrangement?

I really liked this book. The characters were believable, and I think any mom would understand Reagan's feelings. I loved how quirky Violet was especially since I love old things, too! It was nice to read about somebody old-fashioned like me. ;-) Pick up this book if you haven't already!

I was given this book free as long as I review it.

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