Monday, January 21, 2013

Historical Fiction Review

The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen is about Emma Smallwood. She is the only child of Mr. Smallwood who runs a school for boys. Ever since Emma's mother died two years ago, she has had to take over more and more responsibilities for her father since he suffers from depression. Their last student has left, and Emma receives a reply to her letter to Sir Giles wondering if he would consider sending his two youngest to the school since he sent his two eldest. The baronet replied much differently than she thought he would! He asks if her father could come be a tutor for the twins. Emma would be welcome, of course. Imagine her surprise when her father jumps at the chance!

They arrive at Effington Manor to discover Sir Giles forgot to inform anyone of their arrival! From the moment the Smallwood's arrive, Emma has been having mysterious things happen to her in her room. Julian, one of the twins, says it is the ghost of the first Lady Weston, but Emma doesn't believe that. But who is pulling all these pranks? Is it the oldest son, Henry? He was always the one to play jokes on Emma whereas his younger brother, Philip, never did. As Emma comes to know Henry better she begins to doubt it is him, but then who? Lizzie Henshaw, the  seventeen year old ward of Lady Weston? Or Julian and Rowan, the twins? Emma is determined to solve the mystery.

Then she hears a child cry out in the night. Dare she go into the forbidden North Wing to help whoever it is? As more pranks and secrets come to light, Emma starts to grow closer to Henry. Will they solve the mystery in time? Will Henry and Emma be able to share a life together?

I loved how well this mystery was written! I figured out everything before the end, but Julie Klassen sure kept me guessing! Awesome book!!!

I was given this book free as long as I review it.

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