Friday, January 18, 2013

Contemporary Fiction Review

Coming Home by Karen Kingsbury is the last book about the Baxter family. I really encourage you to read all the Baxter's stories before you read this one. That way you know all the back stories. And yes, she did give a brief overview of what has happened with each character, but I think it would feel like you were jumping into the story and not knowing anybody. And there are a lot of people to keep track of. lol

Ashley Baxter Blake wants to throw a surprise birthday party for her dad who's turning seventy. She asks all five of her siblings if they can make it, and Erin who lives in Texas is the only who isn't sure because of her husband, Sam's, work. But Erin was all excited to tell Ashley that Sam was able to get time off!

John Baxter, the family's father, suspects something is up because Ashley keeps checking with him to make sure he remembers that they are supposed to come over for supper. But what he doesn't expect is Erin's family coming! Before the party has even started, something tragic happened. Will the Baxter's be able to withstand such a terrible loss? Is God truly sovereign? As they battle doubt and guilt, God is right there with them to help them through it all.

At first I wasn't too happy with this book, but as I kept reading it I came to really enjoy and appreciate all the wonderful truths portrayed. I definitely recommend this book!

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