Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Funny Handicap Story

Oh, what a day..... I had to take our dog, Kaylee, to the vet. Kaylee is terrified of cars - we think she lost her leg from a car hitting her. Anyway, I finally got her in the car (BIG struggle there!), and off we went. Once there I was like oh, no it's packed! They only had one handicap spot, and it was free but it was too small! I made it work by going too far over the other way. Our ramp comes out of the side of the van for a ways, and then I have to be able to fit off the ramp, too. Especially coming going back inside. I got us all out and told Josiah, "We did it!" all happy-like. All my happiness screeched to a halt when I saw a step with no ramp in sight!!!! I was so upset. I was like what are we going to do now??!! Well, a soldier coming out of the building so my predicament and asked if he could help. I said I didn't know what to do or what he could do. He went back inside and talked to them along with another woman who wanted to help. A tech came out and said they were trying to figure out a way to make it work.

The next thing I knew I heard someone ask me how they could help me. I look over to the side and see three soldiers standing there. I was like umm there's no ramp, and I need to get into the vet. So they said ok, we'll lift you up. I said my chair is REALLY heavy.  I don't know if you can. They were like oh, no we can do it. I said ok...... So they tried but barely lift me up. LOL I managed not to giggle. ;-) The one guy asked another soldier to hold the dog while they tried again because the reason they couldn't move me was because they were worried about hitting the dog. So the other guy helping lift was like but it's really heavy!!! hahahaha But the real macho guy was like nah, we can do it. So much male ego surrounding me. :-D

So they lift me up again, and this time they actually got me going forward! They got the front wheels on, but it felt like they were going to drop us for a second! Josiah gave a little cry, and I was like it's okay. We aren't going to fall. And we didn't. They got us on!!! Yay! Thanks guys!

There was another handicap issue later, too. I was like seriously people?! This is a government facility! Anyway, when it was time to leave, one of the soldiers came to me and was like hey, we just realized you can get out through our office. The ground is level on the way out. LOL Oh, those poor guys.......... I'm sure their backs are killing them tonight! But so thankful it all worked out. I was praying it would because of having an anxious dog and a toddler! Some unexpected things happened, but God made it work. :-)

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