Friday, December 28, 2012

Historical Fiction Review

Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love is the third in The Hickory Ridge series. I didn't realize it was, and anybody who knows me knows I hate absolutely hate reading books out of order. lol But in this case it didn't affect anything! Sigh of relief from me. :-D They did mention the characters from the two books previous, but it isn't like you don't already know who will fall in love with who in the end, ya know? So it worked out. ;-) And for all the people out there who read the first books, it would make their day to hear about them again! That's how I am, at least.

Sophie Caldwell has moved back to her home town of Hickory Ridge to start up the local newspaper again. All the memories of staying in the orphanage years before are making her doubt whether she is doing the right thing coming back here to live. She doesn't know for sure where she comes from, but the whole town seems to think she is of mixed race. The uncertainty of who she really is, and why her parents abandoned her have travelled with her through the years. But when she meets and falls for Ethan Heyward, she begins to wonder if he can truly love her when he finds out about her background. She fears he might be racist, but his character seems to belie that fact. Will Sophie have the courage to tell Ethan the truth?

Ethan is a partner with Horace Blakely to build Blue Smoke, a resort for the very rich. He loves his job, but his past keeps him from being totally honest with Miss Caldwell. He realizes he is starting to care for her, but he doesn't want to bring up his sordid past when he has spent so many years trying to forget it! But when mysterious Julian shows up at Blue Smoke, things start to change.

Who is Julian, and what secrets is Ethan hiding? Will Sophie ever find out the truth about her heritage or will she always be wondering?

I thought this was a good story on forgiveness. We all have to forgive ourselves or others in our lifetime, and this book helps us see how God can help us with that.

I was given this book free as long as I review it.

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