Friday, December 21, 2012

Historical Fiction Review

I've never read anything by Cara Lynn James, but now I'm wanting to! Her book, A Path Toward Love was an interesting read.

Katherine Osborne went against her parents wishes and eloped when she was eighteen. Over the years, she came to regret it. During most of her six years of marriage, they lived seperate lives so when Charles died it was more a relief than anything. That's when she found out her husband had squandered all the money on who knows what. Desperately trying to keep the orange groves from going under, she accepts a deal her father offered when he came to visit for the first time in eight years. She would go home with her father and stay at their resort in the Adirondacks for the summer and do what her mother wanted in exchange for some much needed money. Having to get along with her mother was the hardest part of the deal for Katherine!

Andrew Townsend, her childhood friend, is now working for Katherine's father as a lawyer. When he travels with Mr. Wainwright to Florida and sees Katherine again after so long, he realizes that his love for her is as strong as ever. But Andrew's aunt wants her son, Randy, to marry Katherine. Katherine's mother is all for it and pushes them together and uses any cohersion she can to keep Andrew and Katherine apart.

Katherine doesn't want to marry again. Her first marriage was so horrible she doesn't want to risk her heart again. Will Andrew be able to convince Katherine to marry him? And will Katherine be able to convince her parents that she doesn't want to be in society again, but would rather work in the orange groves?

I found this a very good book on forgiveness and treating your parents with respect even in difficult circumstances. I would def recommend this book. :-)

*I was given this book free as long as I review it.*

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