Monday, December 17, 2012

Amish Book Review

Arms of Love by Kelly Long intrigued me because it was about the Amish during the Revolutionary war. Usually Amish books are set in modern times so I just had to check this book out. The story was ok, but I didn't like a couple things about the book.

This book is about Lena Yoder and Adam Wyse. They have loved each other since they were young, but when Lena's mother is dying she makes a request of Adam. Because of that request, Adam tries to break it off with Lena. Lena is devastated with her mother just dying in childbirth, and then Adam saying they need to break it off since he wants to join the fight for freedom. She doesn't know what to think anymore. Lena's father never liked Adam very much and wants Lena to marry Adam's brother, Isaac, so Lena agrees because she thinks she will be helping Adam spiritually to marry his brother.  Weird. lol

Anyway, Lena's mother dies, but her baby, Faith, lives so Adam finds a wet nurse for the baby. Rescuing the Yoder family again. Ruth Long has just lost her husband in the war, and then her home burns down. She has a three week old baby girl so it works out perfectly for both families. I could be wrong, but the book seemed to happen within a short amount of time. Within a couple weeks (or less) Ruth had just lost her husband, and Lena's dad who just lost his wife, fall in love?!?! I was like ok..... If it was a marriage of convenience I would be more like ok because that would make more sense, but loving each other? That just made me mad. Their spouses had just died!

I also hated how the book dragged on at the end when it could have easily ended way before.

It was interesting looking at how the Amish were in the early days, but it's not a book I would be like you have to read this!

*I was given this book free as long as I review it.*

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