Saturday, May 15, 2010


Whew! I need to get on here a lot sooner than I have been lately!!! I guess it just seems that not too much is happening right now since I stay so tired, and we don't have much money right now. I'm hoping next month will be better. I want to buy some baby things!!! Especially clothes. ;-) June 17th is when we find out what we are having!!! I'm so excited..... I'll be sure to let you guys know when I know. Oh, June 17th is Ben's birthday so it will be an AwEsOmE present, don't ya think. Plus, my sister-in-heart might be here then so we could all go together! I am so thrilled she may be here for that.

I have an OB appt. Monday. Oh, I finally got my j-tube replaced. It only took a little more than three weeks. LOL It was nothing but trouble. It got yanked out of me in the middle of the night. I woke up screaming in pain. It hurt so bad. My leg was laying on my cord, and when I turned over it just pulled it out. They think the balloon holding in it was leaking some, but I apparently completely broke the balloon when it got forced through that small track. Thankfully, my mom was here b/c Ben was gone for 3 weeks at JRTC. Anyway, we rushed to the ER at 2:30 am. Yuck!!! Mom got it back in for me b/c I couldn't, and we had the ER check that it was still in my small intestine. :-) Ben had nights when he was gone so I was able to call him and let him know what was going on.

So two days later (Friday), I was supposed to get it replaced, but they changed their minds and wanted me to get anesthesia so it was rescheduled to Tuesday. My enteral company had sent me my new mic-key so I brought it with me. I was all ready, and the doc said it wasn't the right one!!! I was like what?! So my case manager finally got my company to order the right one and 24 hour it to me and I was finally able to get it replaced yesterday. The good thing is the baby was 14 weeks! Before, he wasn't quite 12 weeks. They said the baby did really well. They checked his heart rate before and after the surgery. Oh, b/c I'm pregnant they only gave me anti-nausea anesthesia with no narcotics or muscle relaxers so I haven't been horribly nauseated!!!! Just really tired and achy. :-) They told me it's usually the narcotics and muscle relaxers that give the nausea. They were right! Side note - my case manager is switching me to another enteral feeding company. ;-)

So in three months I have to go through this again, but it will be in the OR this time. The other times I have had it done in an endoscopy room. They said it will be better for the baby. I have a higher risk for going into labor like any woman would with surgery. God got us through this surgery so He can get us through the next one. :-) I am so thankful the baby is ok!!!

I finally gained a pound!!! My OB will be thrilled since I seem to have a hard time gaining.... :-) I do know the baby will get everything even if I don't so that relieves my mind A LOT. He's getting so big! He's the size of a lemon and is 3 1/2 inches long. I'm glad to be in the second trimester! I'm ready to paint some pics for the baby's room. ;-)

I have one last book to read. Almost three weeks I ordered some books to review, but they STILL have not come! I hope they come this week.... I need books. I already struggled with tiredness so now it's even worse. But it's all worth it. :-)

I will try to update more frequently! Take care.

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mom/mil/kathy said...

I was so happy to check tonight and find your update. We are really praying for you and the baby
Its hard to be here and not be a part of this whole process. I remember being around for the other
grands and I miss that. Little bit
will have all she/he needs, I can't wait to start buying. Yes, more updates is a good thing.