Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Here's my story. I had to go to preconceptual counseling because of all my health problems. It took a couple of months to get into them. Well, I went, and the doc said I couldn't have kids. Plus, he also said I shouldn't because of my gastroparesis and Charcot-Marie-Tooth even though I got clearance from my GI and neurologist before I even thought about it. Oh, I saw a genetic counselor, too. I was devastated..... I bawled when I got home. What I and the doc didn't know was that I was ALREADY three weeks pregnant!!! This is a miracle pure and simple.

I know all the worse fears with my health problems and carrying this baby which is why I asked for your prayers for our little one. He/she will grow slower because of one of the meds I have to take. If I don't take the med, the baby will still grow slow because my heart rate will be too fast. Plus, something seriously could happen to me which would affect the baby. They decided it was worth the risk. :-) God let this miracle happen so I know He will take care of him/her.

I wondered if I was pregnant, but I was so discouraged and didn't want to hope because of the docs. It was so hard....... It was a very very difficult time for me. God helped pull me through that's for sure. My GI doc decided to do a blood test because of how I was feeling. It came back positive! I was thrilled. I stayed so super dizzy. I kept on feeling like I was going to pass out because the room was always spinning. Then my GP went crazy, and I couldn't digest my food. I ended up throwing up so much I had to go to the ER for dehydration and low potassium. I was in extreme pain, my body was pins and needles all over, and my heart was faster from the low potassium. I was dehydrated, too so I got an IV and potassium and 4 nausea meds though the IV. They told me to take the nausea meds every 3 hours. It took more than a week for my nausea to get better and for me to put something in my stomach. I flushed water down my j-tube every little bit so I wouldn't get dehydrated and added a little extra calories b/c I was losing weight. The evenings and nights are still hard, but the day time is better if I stick to my meds. 

I am so GLAD Mom is HERE!!!!! It's so awesome to have her. Especially when I feel horrible. lol Ben leaves tomorrow for JRTC. I'm hoping to see my sister in heart at the very end of May and early June. Oh, I'm going to start working on my crib bumper. I bought fabric and the pattern in January and put it in my hope chest. It will be a great project for Mom and I. Plus, I started quilting class today, and the quilt matches the bumper. It took me an hour to get the perfect fabric. :-D I'm so excited!!! The quilt will be done at the end of April. I need to buy a sewing machine. I found a really good for only $156 on Amazon. I'm hoping to get that.... We'll see. It does have free shipping. Oh, the sewing machine doesn't have to use a foot pedal! It's perfect with my "physical challenges". lol

That's about it over here. :-)


Tuyet said...

Congratulations!! Hope all goes well with your pregnancy.

Maria said...

Thanks!!! I'm so excited. :-)

mil/mom/kat said...

You know I am happy; I could really use a girl. A boy would also fit in nicely with the other six grandsons. You really did surprise us. I am praying for you, the baby, and Ben.
love you,

mil/mom/kat said...

You know I am happy! I really could use a girl; a boy would fit in nicely with the other six gransons also. You really surprised us. I will be praying for you, the baby, and Ben.
love you,

CosmicPinkBubbles said...

WOW! Congrats!!

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