Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Review

Somewhere to Belong by Judith Miller is about an Amana colony in 1877.  There are two characters that are followed throughout the book. Johanna Ilg has always lived in Amana, but Berta Schumacker who is seventeen just moved there when the book started. Berta had no idea that her family planned on staying in Amana. She just though they were visiting. Johanna is assigned to Berta to help her get used to the ways in the cooperative living community. Training Berta is quite a challenge because Berta wants to go back to Chicago, wear pretty dresses, and live like she used to. They soon become friends, but then both girls find out secrets in their family that changes them both forever.

This story is about telling the truth, accepting forgiveness from God and others, and not letting circumstances in life turn you into a bitter person.

I would highly recommend this book! It is well-written, never boring, and sometimes you aren't sure what will happen next. Plus, I loved learning about the Amana colony. I had never heard of them before. So go to your local library or Christian bookstore and get this book! It is well worth it.

I recieved this book free from Bethany House as long as I give a review.

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