Saturday, December 05, 2009

Thanksgiving and... Christmas!

Ok, lots of pictures again. Here I am in my bucket hat so I can look 1920s. This is my favorite hat. I've wanted one for so long. I'm such an oldies person. lol :-)

This was out in the field where I let Kaylee run free.

My Thanksgiving table. Kinda blurry, but you get the general idea. We had a couple guys that Ben works with come over since they had nowhere to go. They were really nice and helpful. We had a great Thanksgiving!!! I was so glad to have Ben for this one.

On to Christmas! Isn't this too cute hanging there? Anne got me this when I got married.

Our tree! I found the star at Hobby Lobby. It was half off! And exactly what I wanted. :-) I decorated in turquoise, blue, browny/bronze, clear icicles, and clear jewels.

Here's the jewels I made this year from a kit I got at Hobby.

Ben and I square dancing. LOL ;-)

I finally got my hair trimmed. I love it! In case you're wondering, I got thicker bangs.

There you have it. I can not wait to see Adam and Megan and the boys!!!! Florida here I come!!! I've been doing pretty good. A little tired lately. I sold my first banner! To my nurse, Cathy. She loved it. :-) Charity invited us over to her house for Christmas day. Her whole family is supposed to come so it'll be nice to meet everybody.
I'm hoping to see Disney's "A Christmas Carol" sometime this week. I love remakes of the classic.
Right after Christmas, Ben goes to JRTC. He'll gone for 5-6 weeks. Yuck. Sigh. At least Charity will be here. But it sounds like he will miss my birthday 3x in a row. :-( I just hope I'm not sick and in the hospital like the last two!!! Ben goes again in April-May.
I hope you all have a great Christmas! Merry Christmas everybody!!! :-)


Megan said...

I love the simplicity of your Chrismas tree. Adam has demanded we put ALL our ornaments on this year :o) I think your hair looks perfect with thick bangs Mer! Very sophisticated (cute outfit too) and I love that you got some good pics with Ben in front of the tree. I have been waiting for my hair to grow back in (postpartum hair-loss stinks) and then it is snip-snip for me too! I will keep close tabs on the house situation for us and if you stay busy with crafty projects, maybe time will go by fast ;o)

Megan said...


mil/mom/kathy said...

I enjoyed all the pictures. You look so cute in your hat. I wish we could see you Christmas, in the spring. Take care.

mil/mom/kathy said...

I meant to say maybe we can see you in the spring.

Maria said...

ben will be home in march and some of april. maybe you can come then. :-)

ordinary girl said...

i hope you will be together forever coz you are really such a nice couple together. i loved ur photos so much. god bless ben and maria.