Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pictures!!! - Edit

Hey again. This is Charity! Isn't she cute? She's really sweet.

This is the banner I painted for my nurse, Cathy. She wanted it like mine, but she wanted it rough on the edges - we usually hem it. So b/c she wanted it rough, I didn't do a distinct border. I also just did falling leaves. I want mine like this now. LOL

Hey! I finally got the pictures to upload! So here's Ben and I. :-)

I love this pic!!!

Too funny. I thought you would like this Mom. ;-)

Here's our tent!!! We are supposed to go camping over Thanksgiving. I'm going to cook our meal, pack it up, and off we go! I can't wait. Isn't our tent cool?!

Oh, I got some mums for the back yard. Yellow, purple, and orangey-brown. They look so pretty out there.

I AM going to paint this! With falling leaves in the background.

We give Kaylee the paper towel holder. lol

Too cute.

She's a lap dog for sure. :-D

The figurine I painted.

A little too dark.

I painted these for Mom's birthday. An ornament for each grandchild. From the top left, Seth, Jared, and Isaac. Middle from left, Arianna and Rheed. And Braxton is on the bottom.

Do you see the eyelashes, Megan? ;-)

Here's Charity's banner. I drew the leaves for her and fixed some things on the owl b/c she can't draw but she can paint. :-) She loves owls.

Here's my banner for fall.

Here's the banner I did for my EFMP woman. She is the one who does the respite care. Charity is helping me do errands and stuff. She's my new friend here. She is so sweet, and we love hanging out! Anyway, I did her monogram. I designed the "B" and the swirls. Then we decided to add some rhinestones.

Up close.

So tomorrow my PICC comes out! Can you believe that after 2 years I'm free from TPN!!! I've been off of it for a couple weeks and have been doing well with my j- tube feeds. My rate is 85 for 16 hours. I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! I'm so thankful. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Megan said...

YAAAY! No more TPN! So glad you are feeling better! Your banners are beautiful!!! I can see why your Thanksgiving one took forever, look at those leaves. And I see the acorns ;) You have been busy! You could absolutely sell them Mer. If you put pics up on facebook I bet people would be ordering them from you! I'm so jealous I don't have time to paint anymore :( but Christmas break is coming soon WOO HOO!

Maria said...

we will have to paint together when i come! mom, if you read this, don't you want to babysit the kids so we can paint? ;-)i can bring something for you to paint, if you want. just let me know. i just finished the banner for my nurse. i'll have to send it to you.

kathy/mil/mom said...

I'm so happy you are feeling better and will soon be free of the TPN.
I love your banners, especially the one that said happy Thanksgiving. I would certainly buy one from you. You and Ben look so happy and carefree. Your hair looks great at the length it is at.
Love you!