Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Note

Well, nothing much has been happening. I had surgery again. That's about it. lol But the surgery was AWFUL. I had killer, intense nausea for three days because of the anesthesia. I couldn't do anything. Poor Ben. But he cleaned up and did the laundry and all that kind of stuff. Also I had a horrible asthma attack from the anesthesia. I was on oxygen, too. How I had asthma on oxygen I don't know. When I woke up they said I had been having an asthma attack for 20 minutes, and it lasted for another 10-20 after that. They gave me a nebulizer treatment which helped.

So I have a mic-key!!! It is so cool. I think it looks sci-fi. No more tubes hanging out of me! It's a g-j which means I can vent from the stomach - like bile so I won't throw up which is all I did after surgery lol - and the j part feeds me. The catheter goes all the into my small bowel. So I am on feeds and am getting to my goal rate for 16 hours. It'll be another 3-4 weeks before I get there. They are lowering my calories in my TPN this week. Hopefully, I will start weaning next week. We'll see. :-)

I have a friend!!! For real this time! lol The last one didn't work because she has kids. So my friend is Charity, and she is so sweet! She has two dogs. That's why we meant. We both were walking our dogs and got to talking. She doesn't have kids. We both said that's why we don't have friends here. LOL Anyway, she is willing to help me any time I need it. We got together yesterday and had a blast. We are hoping to craft and stuff like that. We walked our dogs together yesterday, and they all got in the creek. Now her dogs, Bella and Oliver, did not roll around when they got out, but Kaylee DID. I was like Kaylee stop!!! But she didn't. Silly dog. I need to give her a bath this weekend for certain sure! She got so tuckered out from that walk she just lay down half way back to the house. Poor puppy. It was too much for her. The only one with three legs. :-) The best part about Charity is that she's a Christian! I'm hoping to invite them both over for supper next week.

Let's see if anything else happened.... I got a new purse! Dark brown. It's taller and kinda square. In the front, it has a cell phone holder, a pocket, and a zipped pocket. It's big enough for all my junk I have to carry now. My nurse told me to always take hand sanitizer everywhere so I won't get sick. I forget to use it half the time.... But I try! lol

Pool therapy starts next week. Yay! My voice lessons are going well. Pray for my teacher and her husband. Oh, Ben and I are hoping to go visit Adam and Megan in their new house for Christmas!!! Can't wait!!! So so excited. It is what I'm looking forward to. You guys get ready 'cause here we come! lol

Maybe next time I'll have pitures to post. Oh, pray that I can finish my story for school. I'm having hard time with the plot. Ok, y'all take care and leave a message. ;-)


Cathy and Family said...

It sounds like you stay very busy with all you have going but busy is always better than bored. Glad things seem to be going well for you! I hope the trend continues!

Megan said...

Update update! I know, me too! :o)

Maria said...

lol i know. :-D maybe tomorrow!

Anonymous said...