Friday, September 04, 2009

One Thousand Ninety-Six Days and Counting

We've been married for three years! Can you believe it? :-) We finally got a camera the last day of our vacation.
We played putt-putt! They had a handicap accessible course!!! It was so much fun. We played arcade games, too. I loved the basketball one. The balls were light. I did pretty good! It was so much fun...... We also went on a riverboat ride where we saw the bats. It's a big deal in Austin. People were crowded on the bridge waiting for the bats to come out. They're called Mexican Free Tailed bats. They are smaller than I thought they would be. Anyway, it's one of the largest urban bat colonies in North America. I would love to write a nonfiction article for a kid's magazine about the bats. We have to go back there with a camera! That way I could enter pictures and a story.
Ok, so here are pics of Ben and I on our "fancy" night out.

Ben likes this one, but I don't. :-)

I like this one.
And this one.... ;-)

Here I am with Kaylee the day we picked her up and came home.

Thought this was too cute.

Ben got these flowers for me on our anniversary. He picked them up after I got my braces. Aren't they beautiful?

I want to draw this! (I took a bunch of pics just so I could paint/draw them.)

Thought this was funny.

We took Kaylee out to Sonic yesterday. She loved that burger. Ben even asked for no pickles on the burger cuz Kaylee hates pickles. lol So there I am with braces on. :-)

Look at her face. She's like ok, I loved the burger, but can't I get out of the car now?!

Kaylee is hysterical.

OK, so I now have a g-tube not to be confused with a j-tube. They put a g-tube in,and on Oct. 6th I will get the j-tube. They have to thread a wire into my stomach through the g-tube and into my intestine (jeujunum). Then they put the catheter in and pull the wire out. That way I can feed into my intestine b/c right now all I can do is vent which doesn't really help too much b/c it takes so long for my food to digest. Oh, venting is letting bile out of your stomach when you are nauseated. So basically, I have a huge tube that I can't use yet. It's so hard to hide under clothes! It's bulky. I'm hoping and praying that they will give me a g-j mic-key! That way it will be a low-profile device. I'm fighting for it that's for sure.
So I didn't do well with the anasthesia. Made me so nauseated. I was miserable for hours and hours. I just kept asking Ben to put more cartoons/movies in for me. I am so dreading Oct. 6th b/c of the anasthesia.
I have my top braces in. I will get the bottom ones on my 2nd or 3rd visit. They aren't bad so far so that's good.
I've been not feeling well, in a lot of pain, and on top of that I've been really discouraged with my health. So I was walking Kaylee tonight like I always do and praying for hope and faith and planning on going home and bursting into tears. But before I could carry out my plans I met our new neighbor. I saw their kids first, and then I met Landi and her husband. She is so nice. Her husband is a warrior in transition. He was really injured in his back. Couldn't bend down, had a hard time with walking. Two orthopedic surgeons said no, we can't help you. But one said he could. And he did! He didn't have physical therapy. The doc just told him to walk a mile every day. Now five months later, he's walking and picking stuff up and feeling normal again. That helped me so much. Now I have a friend. (I'm hoping and praying we will be friends! She gave me her number! Exciting....)
God can help me through this. He's the only one who can heal me or not if He chooses. But I have hope He will heal me, and I know He will give me the courage, faith, and hope to go on no matter what happens. This past week has been very very difficult for me. But God didn't say life would be a piece of cake. He did say He will hold me and help me. Give me strength. My anchor holds amidst the storm b/c He's keeping me afloat. He'll always do what's best for me. His best.


Megan said...

Yay for the third year! I'm so glad you were able to get "fancied" up Mer. You look so pretty in purple! Love the cute pic of Kaylee with her mouth open and the black/white rose pic. Draw it! and I barely even noticed the braces, I forgot you had them! Okay this is all too much to discuss on here, I'm gonna hafta call you :o)

Maria said...

actually, it's a royal blue dress. ;-)
yes, do call me!!!

Megan said...

Sheesh, why did i say purple? maybe the lighting on my computer is weird. But blue is even better! My fave ;o) Please tell me the flowers are pink???

Maria said...

yes, they're pink. if you say so..... ;-) lol

Cathy and Family said...

Three years, such a long time to put up with Ben :). We love you and the boys send hugs. Well, except for Justin, he hugs no yucky girls, even grandmoms.


Anonymous said...

3 years and counting... wow you guys are getting to be a regular old married couple! ;)
so glad you finally got a camera - I know how that is a life-line for the artist in you... you just HAVE to capture what you see to paint later. :) So, I'm glad you got one!
Praying for you! lylas! :) oh and I love the pic of you first seeing Kaylee - that's so frameable! :)

mom/mil/kathy said...

Maria, you are absolutely beautiful and Ben is so handsome. I did not notice the braces, I'm glad you are not having trouble with them. There are so many things to Thank our Lord for and you both are at the top of my list. I love you and pray for you.

Robert said...

Ben you needed to do a james bond pose in the tux. lol. Miss you guys. I'm looking forward to meeting Sadie(i think that's your dog' name). Are you coming home for Christmas? If you do you should stay here a couple of nights. Praying for you both. Do you remember this phrase Ben? "Go jump in a hog!"