Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trip, Christmas, and Birthday

Ok, just lots of pics! Snow on Christmas Eve. It was all gone by Christmas Day, though!

Kaylee got a BIG bone!

Ben got Glenn Beck's newest book. (Don't worry I got him more than that. lol)

Ben got me a chest that I've been wanting!

Christmas dinner!!!

Our Christmas pic.

Isaac!!! so cute!

So excited to be in Florida!!!

Beautiful Megan and Mom! With cute Isaac.

Seth with a spoon on his nose at the church Christmas party. :-D

Seth with a silly face.

Ben twirled Seth and Jared around on a booster seat for awhile.

My adorable, sweet nephews. :-)

We were going to do a silly face together, and I know I did one, too but apparently the picture was taken when I broke out laughing.

Kaylee making herself at home with a cardboard paper towel holder. (Say that three times fast!)

Adam working on staining the dining room table black.

Isaac is too cute in this pic.

Kaylee was so good with all the kids.

I love this pic of Megan with her boys. :-)

I painted banners fo everyone. This is Mom's.

Destiney's banner.

Megan's banner.

Cathy's banner.

Tracie's banner.

Ben's mom's banner.

Wearing my new purple sweater I got for Christmas. I LoVe it!

On my brithday, I stayed in my warm flannel pajamas that Ben got me for Christmas.

In case you're wondering, Curious George and I go a long way. lol Ben did it for my first birthday when we were married b/c I loved the cartoon that had just come out. Plus, I told him how much I loved going to the Benson library after school, sitting on the floor, and pulling out the Curious George books one at a time to read. I have great memories at that library. :-)

Ben took two waffles and frosted them with a mixture I made with sugar free chocolate syrup and cornstarch. I heated it a little in the microwave, too. Turned out really well!!! He was determined to put candles on it, and I loved it b/c I blew them all out in one blow! LOL

That's it! Ben left on the 8th. There's a rumor going that he will be back on the 28th. Don't know if that's true or not b/c he's supposed to come back on Feb. 12th. We'll see...... I"ve been extremely tired so Ihaven't been doin much of anything. Well, I did clean/reorganize my kitchen! I even cleaned the fridge since it's so empty I can see how dirty it is. lol I want to paint/write and all that good stuff. Here's hoping! Well, I'm praying, too! ;-)
If you guys know anybody who wants a banner let me know! Be my advertisers. ;-)


Megan said...

YAY PICTURES! Okay, I love the ones of you with the boys, I need those. We are so glad you got to come, and the boys adore their Uncle Ben cause he is a big kid :o) Looks like you had a fun Christmas and birthday with your hubby too. I looked for a purple sweater to put in your box but rue21 was all out! I'm happy you got one!!! Keep us posted on your painting/writing and how Ben is doing. Love from Florida!

Robert said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. I like how Ben looks like he is about to launch your nephew out of his arms in that one picture. not to safe, haha. Ben should be getting back just about the time I leave for BCT. Hopefully I will get to talk to him before then. Happy new year Maria!

mil/mom/kathy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. I love looking at family photos. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and birthday. You look really great, as always. My banner looks so good in my entry, thank you.
Love you!