Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Early!!!

Merry Christmas!!! I have lots of pics on here. The first one is a snowman I painted for my friend, Lydia. I always try to paint figurines by what the person likes, and she loves purple. I added a little orange to make it pop. The snowballs and the snow on the shovel has sparkles cuz every woman loves sparkles! ;-)

I found pics of me for you, Ben! So I didn't have to take any. Yay! I waved my hair in this one simply by twisting it and turning it to a ball and bobby pinning it. After a few hours, I let it down and diffuse it. I love how easy it is. The details were for the girls not you, Ben. :-D Oh, I look Swedish when my hair is in those balls. Too funny.

Yes, this is my fave pajama shirt b/c it is thicker so it keeps me warmer. Mom cut the sleeves off for me. Isn't Rheed cute?!

I love this one of us. For some reason, Rheed's eyes water almost constantly. The doc says it's some kinda virus, but that doesn't make sense. It never goes away! I think the doc even gave him something for that, but I may be wrong. Poor little fellow.....

Such a little monkey. I got her this. It's called a "play all day" outfit. She's precious.

I crosstitched this for Tracie for Christmas. Don't worry I already gave it to her. It's my first crosstitch that every space is covered with stitches. It was so fun to do!

I painted this for Ben's mom for Christmas. I used these colors b/c it matches her bathroom. Watercolor is much easier on my wrist than the other crafts. I'm working on a pic for Mom's bathroom, too. I did the background today. I just have to paint the fern now.

These pics are from last Friday night. Ben's family came over to exchange Christmas presents. It was fun! I really had a good time, and the boys loved the fact that we had a tire swing and pecans. lol

Wesley opening his present.....

This is the only pic I have of William's face! I forgot to get one of him with his present. Too many people!

Go Panthers!
Such a cute pic of Tracie. Love her hair!
Cathy with her book of crafts for kids. She said Eli always asks what craft they are doing today so hopefully, this book will help with ideas. ;-) And a puzzle with three little boys in a galvanized tub. I had to get it for her since I knew she liked doing puzzles. At least she told me via one of those surveys. lol

I framed some pics of Ben with his siblings and nephews during leave. I turned them into sepia tone so it would look more professional when she hung it up. I had a hard time finding the perfect frame, but I finally did.

William is in the background wearing his new Hawaiian shirt.

Will with his Harley Davidson cooler he can use on his bike.

Wesley being goofy. Green is his color. ;-)

Sedryck with his ping pong ball gun. All the older boys got one. They glow in the dark so they went outside to play with them which is why I don't have the younger ones on here.

That's it. I've been getting my iron infusions twice a week. I started last week. I get my side effects later in the day. I just feel miserable, pounding, feel so heavy, burning, and can't think or talk straight in the evenings. But it's manageable with Benadryl. I have two more next week then they will recheck my iron to see if I need more. I have a couple doc appointments this week. Keep on praying that I can transfer to Texas with my PICC.
Mom and I will probably leave in the middle of January. I'm not too sure when Ben will be back. It's very frustrating!!! Hard to decide what to do. I did get modifications for our house in Texas, but I haven't found out what I got yet. I'm going to call again to try to find out. Time seems to be going so slow all of a sudden.
Oh, I didn't say what I got. William and Cathy got me a MP3 player! For the ride to Texas, ya know. Tracie and Will got me a scrapbook recipe keeper!!! It is too cool. Can't wait to start it. Which reminds me. I would like a recipe from everybody. It doesn't have to be your recipe. It can just be one you like to make for your family, or something you just love. So e-mail me some, ok? Ben's mom got me an easy touch jar opener! Something I needed. She also got me this thing to hang outside. I don't know how to describe it well. Imagine a round circle that's red and has a hummingbird carved in the middle. Hanging from the bottom is a spiral in a cone shape with a ball inside at the top of the spiral. When the wind blows the cradle will rock..... Couldn't resist. ;-) Anyway, it will spin and the ball looks like it's going up and down. It looks pretty cool. The hummingbird part reminds me of Grandma. :-)
I'm within my goal weight now! Took long enough. lol Well, you guys have a wonderful Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. It's such a cool way to celebrate Jesus' birth. He gave us the best gift we can ever have. Dying for our sins so that we can be saved and have Him with us always. I'm so thankful He did. Well, all y'all enjoy some Christmas hymns and carols. :-)


kathy/mil/mom said...

I just thought I would look at the blog again this morning because I love to see the pictures and low and behold it was new. I was so excited to read and look through it. I feel like a camera hog, didn't know I was in so many pics. I enjoyed being with you Maria and your parents so much. We sure had a great time. It could only have been better if Ben could have been there too. Can't wait to see Christmas with your side.

Megan said...

LOL I was going to say Christmas Early! then I read your title :) doh. Everybody looks so happy in your pics. You know you should've handed the camera off so we could see you opening YOUR presents, right? ;) wink wink. Christmas will be here before you know it; I can't wait to exchange recipes with you! We'll need to test out our webcams sometime soon too...

~shock, it's Anne said...

Gotta say it.... as always, LOVE your work - the snowman, the iris, the crosstitch! You have such a gift, Mer, and I love seeing how God continues to show you different ways to use your wonderful spin on creativity! :) *sigh* I'd be jealous if I wasn't your best friend. lol But this way, I get to brag about you... poor unsuspecting souls that come across my path tomorrow! LOL :D *hugs* praying for you guys too!

I said...

So much variety.
Was good to look at even a second time!
I miss you Mer!
Have a great Christmas Eve!
Love, Ben