Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Did everybody have a good Christmas? I did. :-) Except the whole time I kept on thinking I wish Ben was here!!! I can't believe we have missed two Christmas' together! But I'll be going home soon. I'll tell you all about that later.
Mom and I took these pics at the beginning of December so I could put it in this photobook I was making for Tonya. It's always hard to get good pics of babies and toddlers, but we managed somehow. lol Arianna looks like a pixie in this one. She's a sweetie.

My fave pic of Rheed. He's such a little man.

All together now. This was actually the first pic I took, believe that or not!!!

Here's Rheed smiling. Such a little Indian boy. He has to be sitting up all the time so he can see what is going on. He loves it when you talk to him and only him. lol

I crosstitched this for my friend, Anne, for Christmas. I think the frame is perfect b/c it looks European. She liked it. :-)

Mom loves this pic of Braxton. His face is so adorable. He is a very happy baby. When you turn to look at him he's already smiling at you. So sweet. Look at his cheeks!

I decorated the table for Christmas. Silver, white, and red. Mom found the coolest poppers. They actually had real presents not just dinky toys. I got a silver pen. There was a little frame, some kind of brain toy, ummmm.... Oh, Daniel got a little magnifying glass. I don't remember what else.

This is for Adam and Megan. She is too cute in the pj's they got her.

Arianna on her new Strawberry Shortcake tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa.

Sweet family pic. All festive. (Arianna is wearing the play necklace that stays here at Grandma's house.)

I had to get a pic with Tonya before she left. Look at Rheed. He's so funny. So serious. He always looks like he's contemplating something.

OK, this pic is just too adorable. Arianna loves her grandparents.

Destiney laughing at her present. A mug that says, "If God wanted me to cook then why did he invent restuarants." :-D

Braxton LOVES that toy. He just lights up when he plays with it. It's a dog that sings and talks. I wish I had a pic of his face when he's playing with him.

Aaron enjoys hiking so Mom got him a walking stick. Amazingly, he didn't know what he was getting. The cool thing is he is going hiking in January so he'll get to use it soon. He told us he wanted one months ago. I think he forgot, but Mom didn't. ;-)

Me with two of my big brothers. That necklace is one of the gifts Ben got me. I love it! So pretty.

We missed you Adam and Megan! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I'll be leaving January 10th. I have a housing appt. on the 12th, and my doc appt. is on the 13th. It's finally coming together! Now I just have to pack.... Ugh. I haven't been too well. Really really tired. I had my last iron infusion today! Good news. :-) Pray Mom and I can get everything packed and decide what I need to take and what I need to give away.

Oh, I got a toaster oven from Mom and Dad! Daniel and Destiney got me a 6.5 quart crock pot! So cooking won't be so hard on me now. Adam and Megan got me this awesome red, laptop bag. So cool and perfect for when I'm traveling. I've wanted one for a couple of years. I got some kitchen things including a medium blue Rachael Ray moppine! I got so many cool things I can't remember them all. Thanks everybody!

Well, that's it. Happy New Year! :-)


Ben said...

Love you Mer!

Adam said...

That is one blog I did not need to see.

Maria said...

we all missed you. it wasn't the same. :-)

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Mer! I love the ones of the babies. You did a great job with the table and look so pretty all dolled up. Yes, I think Adam got homesick, but we enjoyed our own little family Christmas too. So, any plans for ringing in the New Year?!

kathy/mil/mom said...

I enjoyed the pictures, I so enjoy Christmas with the family. It is sad when some can't be there, I know by experience.

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Megan said...

update Mer!