Saturday, November 29, 2008


Pictures! Here's Braxton. I actually got him smiling. You know how hard it is to take pics of babies!

He's teething and is always putting anything he can get his hands on in his mouth. He prefers his fist. I'm surprised it's not permanently scarred. :-D

This pic cracks me up. Rheed's like what did you just do to me??? The flash always gets him.

I got him smiling in this one. I took it a little too soon, but you can still see how sweet his smile is.

I made the napkins look like turkeys for Thanksgiving. I got it from a magazine, and it's super easy. We had orange, black, orange, black.... looked cool. I forgot to take a pic of the table so I recreated the napkin later. ;-)

Daniel looking at the Black Friday ads while talking to Dad.

Aaron enjoying his meal.

I painted these Pilgrims just in time for Thanksgiving. I got to paint their faces, too, Megan. Fun.

Destiney got her b-day present late, but she did get it. lol I had been working on it for awhile, but then was in the hospital and struggled with being sick after that. I didn't have much to do on it so I was able to finish it Wed. night. She liked it. Oh, there are sparkles on different areas, but you can't tell in this pic.

I painted this for Karen's Christmas present. She loves green and orangey colors so I came up with this color scheme. I took a pic of this one BEFORE I glossed it so it would only take a couple of shots to get it right. lol

This one isn't glossed either. (They both are now. Dad glossed all four of these for me Thanksgiving morning.) This snowman is for me. I never got around to painting a snowman for myself, and I love this one b/c he has a lantern.

There you have it. And no, I didn't feel like taking a pic of me so that's why there isn't one. So deal with it, Ben! :-P
I've started another snowman and am reading a book. Oh, I'm working on my second story assignment now. My teacher really liked my first assignment. A nice surprise. :-) I painted my toenails yesterday. You'll never guess what color, Megan. :-D Blue! I love it! So pretty.... It's like pthalo blue mixed with a little ultramarine, and it has some shimmer in it. You'll have to get one. It was only $2 from Pure Ice.
My plans have changed for moving back to Texas b/c Ben's have changed. lol I'll be going in the middle of the month instead of the beginning. Can't wait!!! I already have an appt. set up with my new GI. Good news. The sooner the better. Ok, that's it for this update. Talk to y'all later.


Megan said...

I love your pilgrims! I can see their rosy cheeks :) I haven't painted figurines in a long time! Now you need to paint silver snowflakes on your toes ;)

Ben said...

I liked the little snowman, it made me miss you, it seems to have something about it that reminds me of you.
I Miss/Love You Mer!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Eli says he wants a picture of your toes :) You know he's got a thing for painted toenails!


kathy/mil/mom said...

I was just reading in Exodus how God filled hearts with the spirit of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge and in all manner of workmanship to work on His sanctuary. It still amazes me to see people like you that God has blessed with such talent. I thank Him so much for putting you in our family. I love that freedom you feel to paint toenails blue instead of pink or red. You don't let the world dictate to you how something should be done. You go for it girl!

Megan said...

Funny how all the women seem to feel the need to comment on your blue toes Mer.... :oP

Maria said...

LOL cracked me up, megan! ;-)

Anonymous said...

you should dye your eyebrows blue too! go for it girl!