Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ben and I

hey everybody! as the title states this all about ben and i. the only pics on here are of us. it was a great 18 days. i dreaded the ending, and we both wanted to ignore the day he left. i can't tell you how awesome it was to have him back. just being with him again. being able to talk to him face to face. hugging him again. i wanted it to last forever. he arrived safely back today, and tomorrow is his scheduled day off!!! a definite answer to prayer. he needs some rest. keep on praying for him. i miss him so much. five more months seem like an impossibly long time to wait. i can't wait for texas believe that or not! LOL
this is my fave pic of ben. i took it the evening before he left. God gave us a wonderful last day together. i'll tell you about it a little further down. i changed it to sepia toned. i love him with a beard. it's a treat whenever he gets time off. :-D

this is my 2nd fave pic. he's looking intellectual here, don't you think?
look look, megan! i finally got on the tire swing! i was so happy. and the grass and bushes look so verdant.

ben took this one of me. same day i took the pic of him in the contemplating pose. :-D oh, that sweater is new. ben got it for me at old navy. it was on sale. and the jeans are new, too. old navy. i love that store.

ok, this is the view from the cabin. you could see this view from almost every room. it was so cool to wake up to all this beauty. when we got there it was rainy for a couple of days, and the mountains looked so awesome veiled in the mist. i wish i had a pic of that.

our cabin, bear pause.

as you will see, everything is decorated with bears. i loved the decor. i've always wanted a log cabin and now i want one even more! this was our room. the best part about this cabin was the roominess. it was all handicap accessible except for the kitchen, but that was ok b/c ben helped me with all the stuff i couldn't reach or lift. i got to cook! yay!

the livingroom. the ceilings were so high. they went up as high as the ceiling in the loft. magnifent looking. i would sit there and stare upward. oh, when we got there cedar permeated the cabin. a sweet perfume. obviously, the cabin was built from cedar.

the dining room and kitchen. we had a washer and dryer, too. and wireless internet!

another view of the livingroom.

the loft. ben took me up there. it was one of my favorite rooms. on the other side of the livingroom there were two more bedrooms.

ok, here's the deal. you guys get to vote for one of these pics of ben and i together to replace the one i have at the top left of the blog. but there is no guarantee i'll use what you pick. i'm giving fair warning. LOL

i love this swing. we found i could swing left to right but not front to back. i would like a porch swing. too much fun. i even painted my toenails in it. :-D

we are in a garden for this one. we went to the Cherokee village, and beside the village was the garden. i could only go through a little bit before there were stairs. pretty place.

we are at Relia's Garden restuarant. in the mountains. this is my new black dress i got when i went shopping with adam and megan in june.

ben and i at the tire swing at home. i love love this pic cuz we are laughing.

tracie braided my hair for me. i can't do it myself b/c of my layers.

i love the next two pics for obvious reasons. my knees are buckled so i am actually taller than it looks. this is the night that i made ben french onion soup and mom helped me make chicken and pastry for ben, too. dad was thrilled. :-)

we were trying to decide where to go on our last day together. i remembered adam and megan talking about the carousel at Pullen Park, and if you all don't already know this, i love carousels. always my favorite ride as a kid. so we went, and it was one of the best days we had during the whole trip. i felt like a little kid again. God gave us a wonderful goodbye gift. so here i am on the swing. another thing i loved as a kid. ben pushed me cuz i can't pump my legs. lol i had to stop swinging though b/c of the dizziness, but it didn't matter. i had swung again! my legs were too long so i took my sandals off so it would be easier. the sand felt so good. it was a little damp and warm. i kept my shoes off for the rest of the time in the park.

the carousel!!! the horse's ear is in the way on ben's face. :-D we rode the carousel three times. we went once and then i got on the swing. then i told ben i have to ride the carousel again!!! we were the only ones on it every time. ben carried me and put me on a horse that was low, but when we stopped i was up high. lol a challenge to get me off. it was such an awesome day.

me on the first ride. i dropped my purse down beside us, and then was like oh, no my camera was in there! so ben reached down and got it. it was funny to watch. i should say he swooped down. :-D but he got it. i honestly hate this pic of me. i don't know why i picked this one. maybe the other ones were worse. lol!

i love this one of ben. he looks so genuinely happy.

ta da. all done. oh, i wanted to tell y'all that i was recommended for another writing course. it's by the same people. anyway, they can only accept a certain number, and i got accepted! you have to pay for it, of course. :-D i'm excited about learning how to write better. i should get my course materials next week. this course is specifically teaching you how to write for markets. well, how to sell to the markets.
also i got SSI! i just got the letter yesterday saying i am fully favorable, and within 60 days i should find out what benefits i'll get. mom and dad are supposed to get paid back, too. yay!
i wish ben was still here. i miss him like crazy. after he left so many things happened. the day he left Rheed Thomas was born at 8:31am. (sep. 9th) he was 8 lbs. 14 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. he looks like a Watt and is sooo cute. i'll have pics of him on here when i update next. anyway, after i saw him i had to go to fayetteville for an appt, and then on to Karen so she could draw my blood. i didn't get home till 6 or 7. then the next day i had to go to the sleep study, and i had to do the daytime sleep study so i didn't get home till 5 yesterday. that study was horrible! never ever do a daytime study.
my bloodwork wasn't good, but my doc is out so i don't know who to go to so pray about that. also my poor chair. harry is not functioning properly. i'm taking him to fayetteville today and hope they can fix him so that i won't be without a chair for the weekend. i'm trying to get housing set up for ben and i in texas. a lot of rigamorale for that! paperwork paperwork. lol army......... also i'm not feeling well and no doc to go to. :-D such a mess, huh?
at least life is never boring. ;-) ben, when you read this, i miss you and love you bunches. everybody take care and leave a comment, please!


Adam said...

The pic with you in your black dress is the best -- you'll look really good dressed up and great background. Thanks for the update -- been checking all the time. Hang in there.

kathy/mil/mom said...

Now I really enjoyed reading the blog and especially looking at the pics. You two look so happy. You are fairy tale material. Maria looks like a princess and Ben like a prince. My favorite picture is the one of you on the tire swing and Ben beside you. Please, give me copies of these pictures.

Megan said...

I must agree with Adam and say the black dress pic. :) LOVE the picture of you in the swing at the park Mer! I'm so glad you had a good time and were able to do all that fun stuff with Ben. (Oh and you look so tall in those pictures!)

Cathy said...

I like all of the pics but I think the tire swing is my favorite too. Just a natural shot!

Maria said...

just so you know, mom and tonya both liked the one of me standing hugging ben. i like that one, too b/c i'm standing! DUH. :-D anyway, two others like the one of me in the black dress.

Megan said...

Two others, as in people who didn't post? I like the standing one too; maybe if you cropped it a little so we can see your smiling faces better :o) I like scrolling through every now and then to see how happy you look Mer!

ben said...

I like all the ones but the black dress (too close up) and tire swing (too blurry).

Megan said...

I think you'll have to make a collage Mer to make everyone happy :)