Tuesday, October 07, 2008

All About Babies

Rheed Thomas - the day he was born. he is a Watt as you can see. i call him a little Indian boy, and mom says he's a papoose. lol but he looks like one! i think he has dad's face.

love this pic of tonya with rheed. she looks so happy with her new arrival.

me and rheed

look at arianna's hair. is that cute or what?!

holding her little brother. kinda..... lol

this pic is so sweet. rheed is crying so arianna was putting his paci in his mouth! tonya thought arianna would take the paci, but she didn't. a little mother already. ;-) oh, of course arianna had to sit in my chair. she loves riding with me. i'm constantly telling her not to push the buttons. no buttons, no buttons, no buttons! :-D

adorable pic. it looks like he's sucking his thumb, but he's not.

this is one of rheed's favorite positions. mom figured that one out. ;-) grandma wisdom. oh, mom says he talks like we all did as babies. he grunts and groans and stuff almost constantly. funny and cute.

another rheed expression. his furrowed brow. lol looks so wise. he does that a lot! he is a thinker. seriously, he studies stuff.

i think this is my favorite of him. such a sweet face! i could just eat him up.

i had to put braxton on here, too. he's three months old now. laughing and cooing. he loves to laugh. last Sunday destiney brought him into my room and made him do a huge grin. he was so happy his chin quivered! it was hysterical. so i kept on making him smile, and he kept right on quivering in happiness. :-D i said he must be tired from smiling so much b/c it reminded me of how when i stretch in the morning my legs will just shake and quiver. lol got a kick out of it.

this is my favorite pic of braxton so far. it reminds me of daniel.

adam and megan are going to have another boy! i think it's due in early february. leave a comment and let me know the date, meg.

i've been super busy with doc appointments and therapy. i just crash on the weekends. just so tired. it's been difficult. my iron is really low again. i'm reacting to my bandages so i have my nurse scrambling for new bandages and statlocks. poor thing. the last couple of weeks i've had to get them changed twice so we'll see how this week goes. it's already starting to come off. i am so thankful for karen. she's a great nurse and actually cares which seems to be a rare commodity in the medical community at large. i've been having lots of problems with my legs, too. my therapist told me it's not good for me to be in the car or my chair too much. i can so tell!

i'm also shopping for Christmas and all the many many MANY birthdays surrounding Christmas. so far i'm not doing too bad. i'm only having trouble with a couple of ppl. guys, of course. but i'm enjoying it. i LOVE Christmas. it's just so fun to buy for others and to decorate the house and bake all these goodies that makes the house smell like a holiday. i've been dying to bake something anything! i've also gotten the crafting bug. megan come paint with me! puh-lease!!!!

oh, i was glad that my fave pic of ben and i won. the close second was the one of me and ben standing together. so surprise. didn't think you'd get two, did you? it was a last minute decision for me. i just had to have that one up, too. :-)

i haven't been feeling too well. feel too tired to do anything. mom bought me a book, though. oh, this is a good story. we were at wal-mart, and mom was like i'll get this book for you. i was tired and out of it and slept on the way home. when mom brought in the bags, i was looking through them and found the book. and i said, "you bought me a book!!!!!!!" i had that high pitched voice. you know the i'm so happy and surprised one. lol mom looked at me kinda weird and was like yeah...... i got such a kick out of how i forgot b/c i was so sleepy in the store. it was a nice surprise. see, mom, you can buy me Christmas presents when i'm with you, and rest assured i'll squeal for real at Christmastime. :-D
oh, i get my wisdom teeth and four others out on oct. 29th. they're going to keep me over in the hospital and give me morphine since i can't take anything else. then two weeks later i get spacers, then the bar to keep my teeth back, and finally, on nov. 25th i'll get my braces! yay!
i've been losing weight so my nutritionist is going to bump up my calories for my next batch. oh, joy.
ok, that's about it. enjoy all the baby pics. :-)


ben said...

i actually really liked the blog, even though it was babies. it was funny.

mom/mil/kathy said...

I love looking at babies, but holding them is even better. Rheed does look like a Watt, its amazing how you can see that at such a young age. He is so cute and cuddly looking. Braxton is as cute as he can be also and I love his big eyes. Thanks for your update.

Megan said...

It's so like you Mer to figure out a way to surprise everybody :) I do like both pictures. BABIES! BABY BOYS! So sweet. I love the one of Rheed with the furrowed brow, just like you described. And Braxton looks just like his daddy. Seth will be so glad to see pictures of his "cousins." I think he just likes saying that word :) Oh and I can't wait to fill the house with Christmas smells too! Send me some good recipes okay?(Our baby is due Feb. 18th and I need help with NAMES!)

adam said...

thanks for the update. always nice to see what is going on back home. only bad thing is that my heathens won't get to play with their cousins too much. I guess that's okay -- mine might ruin everyone else's. Keep everybody straight up there, especially Big Daddy.

Aunt Reva said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. I didn't know how to leave a comment so I asked Sarah. I enjoy all the family news since we don't get to see you to often. Thanks for all the pictures and all the news. Hope you are all doing well.

Maria said...

aunt reva!!! so nice to hear from you! i'm glad you can see what's happening with us here and with adam in florida. now you have to convince aunt debbie to leave a message, too. :-D

ben said...

i miss you, mer.

Lydia said...

Hey girl....just set up my own blog. it is (i think) sing4joye.blogspot.com. I just did it....so let me know if that works!!! So glad to see pics of your house. And pic of calla lilly and earthen pots will be gorgeous!!!!!!! need your mailing address, please!!!! I accidentally didn't save your new cell #!!!! call or text!!! ttyl....luv ya, lydia :)