Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday And Talk

hey again everybody! doesn't arianna look sweet. she takes my camera and holds it behind her and says, "Cheese!" so adorable. wish y'all could see it.

i got my hair trimmed so i took a self pic for my best friend. the hairdresser used a flat iron so i think it's too straight looking, but she made my layers stand out. you can't really tell in this pic b/c it was late in the day.

cathy came by on saturday after the coffee house opening so i could give eli his birthday gift. i was sleeping so mom had to wake me up. i was out of it, but it was fun watching the boys. i do believe he liked his gift. :-)

dylan was too cute. he loved this chair. he liked to slide on it. (the seat is sloped back.) oh, the boys found mom's stash of toys and had fun playing with them all. they helped clean up before they left.

love this pic.

this cracks me up. ben does that tongue thing, too. i was so glad i caught it on camera. :-D

i have a busy week this week. doctors. oh, joy. i'm dying to see how well they are doing. i'm doing four days on TPN this week. i have very mixed feelings about it. i want to get off, but when it is my day off i'm sick and incredibly sleepy so i can't get anything done. maybe my GI doc will help me this week. i need ideas, people!
my ceiling fan died a couple of weeks ago so i have a new one. it gives a lot more light in here. i have been wanting to learn to sew. mom could teach me, but i can't get to her sewing machine right now. can't fit through the door. :-D i found this cool project on the internet so i saved it so that when i get a sewing machine i can do it! it's kinda like quilting, and i've always wanted to quilt. i've never really wanted to sew before, but now.... i have been in a crafty mood lately. like paint and sew and crosstitch and design and oh, anything that involves color and my hands. lol i've learned to be good, too. i wear my wrist braces. surprise surprise. it keeps my hands stronger for longer. i've always wanted to do stained glass. wouldn't that be awesome? i love how the light goes through the glass making the room look so warm and inviting. you look around and see colors dancing on the walls making you want to dance! hey, i can dance in Harry. he likes to spin gracefully around.
ben comes home soon!!! right after i see the judge about getting disability. technically, it's SSI b/c i've never worked. anyway, this is my third appeal so hopefully, i will get it.
i can't believe ben will be home soon....... it's coming fast and slow all at the same time, you know? hurry home!!! :-)
ok, i'll talk at ya later.


william said...

you have some good looking nephews. i watched your movie, shear torture, but i owed you one.

mom/mil/kathy said...

That's such a good haircut, It looks good on you. I agree with william, those are fine looking children.
I will be praying and trusting God to strengthen you. God is so good to us.

Megan said...

Hey Mer! Sorry this is late. I should get the internet back tomorrow Hallelujah! Anyway, love the hair, I bet it would be pretty curled away from your face with a big roller too. I'm tempted to go shorter than that ;) Your little visitors are so cute, almost as cute as my boys huh? I'm so glad you finally get to see Ben! Oh, I want to come do some crafty things with you :)

Cathy said...

Great pics! I think Dylan is a bigger ham than Eli but Arianna beats both! Oh, and if you're thinking about stained glass, check out this place. They make it sound easy!