Monday, July 21, 2008

July Highlights

ok, most of the pics on here are from when i was at ben's parent's house on the 5th. they grilled, and it only rained a bit. i was in a patriotic outfit, but there is no pic of me in it. lol isn't that just like me. anyway, i have everybody else so it worked out. ;-) this is dylan. too cute! he's always smiling and happy.
this is dylan's older brother, eli. i love his quizzical look. like he's debating whether or not to smile.

here's asher. he tumbled around for forever. looks like he's going to be a gymnast. lol he was having a blast.

here's all the couples. i just noticed that together they make red, white, and blue. that's hysterical!

this is a great pic of william and cathy.

tracie in her disney world fourth of july shirt. i loved it. i want to go to disney world! :-D

the best pic i have taken of sedryck, i think. he's looking very cool i have to say.

i love wesley's hat! so jealous.

finally, a pic of the proud daddy on here. dad looks like a proud grandpa, too. lol :-D

braxton with his eyes open! adorable little face.... look at how long his fingers are.

i love this angle of braxton. excites my artistic sensibilities. :-D

no, i did not get my haircut. it just looks that way. ;-)

ok, that's it everybody. i didn't have to write much b/c of all the pics. yay! :-D i don't have doc appointments this week. just therapy. i'm free this week! *sigh of joy* i'm sure mom is sighing louder than me. ;-) july has been a killer month of appointments so this is a much needed reprieve till it starts up again next week. i'm hoping to paint some since i'm kinda free this week. i keep on thinking about that lion, megan. it's killing me. i've wanted to paint him for two years! can you believe it?! it would be awesome if i could.
i'm still on five days of TPN and working to think up new foods. i did find out soy yogurt works now! i think the erythromycin is helping b/c i haven't been able to eat that for a long time. and soy cheese. but with all that my calories still aren't high enough. i'm still thinking of what to try next. it's hard b/c i'm just not hungry. anyhoo, i think that's all the news from over here. y'all take care and hurry home, ben! i miss you like crazy!
oh, i forgot to tell you that aunt debbie is now a grandma! yay! my cousin matt's wife, jessie, had a baby girl on the 15th. braelyn grace. pray for jessie to recover well. alright that's it. see ya!


Megan said...

I know Ben will be happy to see all those pics of his family! And the Braxton is cute... you forget how tiny they are. The grandbaby number just keeps growing doesn't it ;)

Bored said...

Teh olny reasno i evre look at the blog is to ese enw pitucres of Maria!

Ben said...

Teh olny reasno i evre look at the blog is to ese enw pitucres of Maria!

mil/mom/kathy said...

I am so glad you do this blog. I always enjoy it. I like all the pictures, well some of us look a little goofy.