Friday, June 27, 2008

June Happenins

i had a super fun time when adam's family came to visit! seth and jared are huge and love cars with a passion. along with running everywhere. :-D we went shopping one afternoon at the outlet in smithfield. we went to banana republic where i found a couple of things! they are usually so expensive, but they had some good sales. adam and megan got me a couple of cute t-shirts that say banana republic on them. i love them! so comfy. this was the day seth and jared discovered how fun it is to ride with me in harry. :-D

this pic cracks me up. it was the evening of the day they arrived. arianna was fascinated with seth's hat. jared looks bored, and seth isn't paying attention. cute.

megan sits like i do! you have to in this cold house. LOL right, megan? ;-)

daniel and seth drawing a road. they put on all kinds of things. it turned out really good.

this is by far on the top list of my favorite pics of these two monkeys.

on the tire swing - we used to play on one when we were little. megan's looking good with her hair blowing gracefully, in the wind. ;-) finally, a pic of aaron on here!

adam and his boys attacking uncle aaron.

i love this.

too funny! i was camera happy that day. :-D

seth took this of megan and i. pretty good for a 4 year old, huh? you can't tell by looking at it that he did it. sidenote for all the girls out there - megan and i both have banana republic shirts on.

seth wearing his bug eyes. megan, seth, jared, and i went to that at the library. i was a volunteer. the day before that i read to the kids at the library! pretty fun.

adam singing with his ipod and directing at the same time. mom got him that shirt from banana republic for cheap. that is so funny how we have new shirts from the same spot!

adorable jared............

this pic of us needs to be framed. everybody is looking at the camera and looking happy, too!

now for some surprise news. daniel and destiney had their baby june 24 at 9:06pm. she was early. she was scheduled for july 8th for a c-section, but she was having high sugar and then her water broke so here he is two weeks earlier than planned! good thing they were already ready. he looks like a Watt for sure. he has daniel's lips. his name is braxton matthew, and he is 7 lbs. 4 oz. i was finally able to go see him yesterday. he's so cute!

look at his sweet face........... oh, he has daniel's cowlick! hysterical! by the way, i hate the sticker i had to wear. my hair kept on getting caught in it! ouch. braxton kept on messing with the sticker, too. lol

here's the proud mom! tonya called her on the hospital phone, and daniel called her on her cell. i had to take it. :-D

destiney looks happy, of course. :-) pray that she recovers well from the c-section.

all those pics were from one crazy, hectic, but fun week. i miss you adam, megan, seth, and jared!!!! maybe ben and i can come see you guys when he comes home next year. that's what i'm hoping for.
i don't know if i mentioned this last time or not, but i am currently on six days of TPN instead of seven. it's been for three weeks. dr. koch, my GI doc, put me on erythromycin for my GP. hopefully, it will work. it takes three weeks, and i've just completed one so here's hoping!
my favorite holiday is coming up - july 4th!!! that's me, patriotic gal. ;-) so everybody have a good holiday!


kathy/mil/mom said...

I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures. It is so fun to have all the family around. I look so forward to seeing Ben and Maria together again. Babies, I just love them!

Megan said...

I love all your pics! I didn't realize I was huddled in that chair in the igloo house :) My faves are the one of Daniel and Seth drawing, Aaron holding Seth up in the air, the boys with you, and me and you (even though I look chubby next to you!). We had such a great time. I can't wait for you and Ben to come to Florida and see us.

Megan said...

I just noticed...Seth's face is shaped alot like yours Mer! See the bug-eyes picture of him and his chin looks just like yours in the pic above it! Cute :)

Maria said...

i know! i noticed that, too!

Ben said...

Wow, you two sound way too girly!

I'm happy, new pictures of Maria and lots of craziness.

I'm not very estrogen-minded, so I just mainly like the funny-exciting stuff and the new pics of Mer!